Cobaltika - Joining Collage and Photography

I have been a fan of Bobbi Studstill aka Cobaltika for years now...I used to be much more active on LiveJournal, and I can remember reading her blog and really having love for her interesting collages. She lives in Kansas, far removed from my east coast life. I enjoy the simple tainted beauty that she represents so well in her work.
In her words, her work is " a variety of coloring materials, paperScraps, old books, transferring materials, shreds of vintage fabrics and sewing notions, and my own photos have made this possible and resulted in an artform i simply call “mezclado”."

Her image toolbox is large! Her work with Gesso is admirable. Her photographic sense is amazing. She uses various cams in various states. She uses digital technology to alter photos.
Currently, I am loving these reconstructed books. I ordered one from her etsy shop. I can't wait to have one of these sweet things in my hands.

Her website is chock full of images to drool over. Check it out.

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cobaltika said...

"simple tainted beauty"

{{shivery good words}}

you are so kind...

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