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I received an email this morning from the mailing list at detritus.net...and it announced an interesting project that is underway. Once again we have another artist who is pushing the limits on copyright, this time in the arena of film. This seems related to collage, in that there is a gathering of video pix...and a reworking of things....and then a new final result....which really is the essence of collage work. Video, composed no less of many stills, is also exposed to the rancid undertones of the current copyright situation. How I loathe it all!
It feels democratic, as tho it is the most natural thing in the world, to be able to pick up a piece of paper, or a snippet of a song, and possess it as my own, and rework it and re-define it and then create something anew. I feel as tho all this law and copyright and fair use stuff is really quite a lot like having my intellectual freedoms robbed. I apologize, I am off topic. rant rant!
Brett Gaylor not only is pushing the envelope on the issue, he is inviting us all to join him in his statement. The link to his site is here. Do go take and look and participate!!

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