Lark Street and a New Domain

Today was a momentous day for me. I made 2 different projects happen. Both of them will require hard work and dedication. Sometimes I have to make things happen for myself but just putting it out there. By having some deadlines, maybe I can get my ass moving!

First, I signed up to do a booth at the Art on Lark on June 9, in Albany, NY. I have not doen an art show with any of my collage work before. This should be an interesting event! I have lots of little projects and independently published little books I can sell. t'would be nice to make some extra cash.

Second, I bought my domain for the Sharon Springs project. www.sharonspringsdk.com.
It isn't uploaded yet, but soon I wil be setting up a bunch of experimental collage videos and a whole bunch of collage art.

I already have tons of enthusiasm. Where can I buy some time?????

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