How to Be Everywhere

Warren Craghead

A new show is opening at Gallery Neptune, in Bethesda, MD, featuring some interesting collage works based on literary influence.. "Warren Craghead III, inspired by the French surrealist poet Guillaume Apollinaire, presents ten mixed media drawings and a book of drawings called "How to Be Everywhere". Craghead aligns his own creative impulse to that of Apollonaire's to create new art that pays homage to this visionary poet."

David Wallace

Also featured is David Wallace. "David Wallace, a collage artist from Pittsburgh, uses old advertising images and text in his paintings and collages. His bold images layer font design with unrelated pictures of animals and people that together send new messages to a modern audience."
There are also some sculptures done by Mark Behme presented. This would prove to be an interesting show.

Gallery Neptune
4901 Cordell Avenue
Bethesda MD 20814
Phone: 301 718 0809
Wed - Sat: 12-7 PM
"Behme Craghead Wallace" opens April 6th, artist's reception Friday, April 13th, 6-9 PM, artist's talk Saturday, April 21, 1 PM

David Wallace's site
Cragheads's site


wcraghead said...

Thanks for the mention!

Robert Pennekamp said...

great work

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