Freedom to do whatever art I please is something that I take for granted. I had a hard time swallowing this...

Display case, photograph, icon, Coca-Cola bottle, the Qur'an, fan, mirror, drum, condoms, sand.
95 x 146,5 x 65,5 cm

Symbol of Islam, sexual intercourse and cultural imperialism in a museum setting
Arahmaiani criticizes the commodification of all symbols. She maintains that they have all become consumer products, just as almost everything in life. When she showed the piece in an alternative space in Jakarta, it was cause of great indignation, principally because she had presented condoms near to the Qur'an. She received menaces and the objects disappeared even before the opening.

Arahmaiani created a statement with this piece. And they harrassed her for it. I can't imagine that happening. I can't imagine someone trying to take my creative freedom from me. What a fight that would be!!!!

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