Where I was, where I am

The path my collage work has taken throughout my artist life has been a strange one. At first, I was quite enamored with DADA and the accidental placement of odd objects against one another.
My work was blunt and simple and full of Hannah Hoch love.
As time went on, I discovered altered books, round robins and I went thru the Victorian phase. I used a lot of period imagery and gained skill at mixing my own artwork with others.

An intense period followed this, when I was fresh out of my divorce. I went into a deep exploration of layered textures, using anyting and everything that I could get my hands on and leaning less and less on my own artwork.

Since the David Hochbaum studio visit I have gone an entirely different route. I have used less and less external ephemera and have begun to fill in the space on my own. There are less works, but they seem more personal and meaningful.

Snow Moon -  2012
And so it was with great interest as I encountered the work of David Ball. Such rich canvases, filled with color...it was obviously fantasy...but with touches of realism in the collage elements. These pieces are speaking to me, although my style is vastly different from his. I want to honor him with his own post, and so that shall be.

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