Death Book of Beth Watson

Last semester in my Design Class at SUNY, I gave the students an altered book final. It's the second time I have given an altered book as the final, and I have been really psyched with the response I get from the students. The creativity and dedication to the project really shows in the books that are turned in.
One student of mine, Beth Watson, used Death as her theme and featured crows throughout the book. I'm such a crow fan and I  loved the idea and the way the book turned out so I offered to do a few pages in it over the holiday break.

The great colors and style in this piece really captures the mood of this book. 
Beth used a sketched tree with haunting crows as part of her theme, creating unity throughout her book.

The first spread I did in her book.  everybody - valley of death
 The second spread I did in her book.  black fur nest

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