David Ball at Argot and Ochre Opens Tomorrow Nite

It was good of Daniel Rolnik to send me info about this artist. He is new to  me, as most are, since lately I am hibernating. I took a look at his site and was immediately moved by the deep colors. They are intense, and they grip the page to the very edges.  For a northerner like me engulfed in a monotone winter, these pieces were like medicine.
David was kind enough to send me this:

Tumult - 2011

Most of the work appears to be done mixed media, and then texture is added to compliment his initial thought. I love the way this makes the work seem half fantasy and half real. It's so difficult to achieve this, let me assure you, and he does it well.

"Pilgrim", David Ball ©2011. All Rights Reserved, Mixed Media on Panel. 24"x36" Sold/ Private Collection

I was scrolling along, and got color drunk. And then. I saw these. Fabulous. Pieces. That just moved me beyond the beyond. It's the winter palette. MOST exquisite. I loved this piece and the muted colors. His work is really cool. Personally, I think it reeks of masculinity. And that's a good thing ... since I usually am engulfed in my own female-ness. (does that sound sexist? I don't mean it so)

"Split", David Ball ©2011. All Rights Reserved. Mixed Media on Paper. 22" x 30"
Lucky for you, west coast person, since you can see this stuff up close and personal at 111 Minna in San Fran at the Harum Scarum exhibit. This opens tomorrow nite!

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