To The Power of N

Steve Specht here...

Thought I would pass along this call for submissions to participate in an interesting collage event. Go to this site for more information


From their website:
"The medium of collage allows for the expression of concepts, ideas and emotions through the reinterpretation and recontextualisation of an endless array of discarded and then found materials.

But what if there were only a finite amount of pieces to choose from with which to make a collage? Would two collages created by different artists using the same materials end up looking the same, or at least similar? What about ten different collages by ten different artists?

Would a thousand monkeys at a thousand typewriters all eventually write Shakespeare?"


Anonymous said...

You crack me up! Would a million dogs at a million houses eventually bark at the same time? lol... I can't match the Shakespeare one...sigh. Connie :)

Monkeybrain said...

These are all from the Power of N website (although the "issue" is related to a lot of discussions of randomness and design).

___A place to find all kinds of information about collage.