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Remember the Book about Death? This exhibit has grown to unbelievable proportions..how ironic that something about death should promote shuch growth...
Mr. Rose, with his boundless enthusiasm, has started quite the phenom.
There's a new facet to this project that is now in motion.  LuAnn Palazzo is trying to drum up support for this project. It's a fantastic and worthy cause, so if you have a dollar or two to spare in the name of ART-- because, you know, the govt. is reducing art aid by the millions of dollars--could you possibly donate?
I quote from kickstarter:

ABAD has since grown into an international art movement that continues to travel across the US and internationally. ABAD has shown in Brazil, Belgium, the UK, Croatia, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Mexico. It has spawned dozens of collaborative exhibitions on three continents.
This new exhibition celebrates THE TIES THAT BIND all living things universally through death, as well as the creative ties which now bind thousands of artists that literally reach around the world.
The Bay Shore, LI exhibit will feature for the first time new work from worldwide artists that are actual book pages like Ray Johnson originally created in 1963, and NOT postcards. The pages will be bound by the curator into a handmade volume and displayed at the exhibition, thereby furnishing an Omega to the Alpha of the Unbound Book from the original NYC show.
There have been many performance pieces included in these shows but never any music. For this show, I would love to feature some live New Orleans Funeral Jazz! That is primarily what I am raising the money for. I also need to print up posters and fund publicity and other items for the opening reception.



HOLA! Many thanks for posting this... just to correct a small bit here... there has been music. During the initial exhibition in NYC in September 2009, Hens Breet, aka MONOSPACE, performed several songs on accoustic/electric guitar. You can see his videos on the archive site: http://abookaboutdeatharchive.blogspot.com/

Also, during the exhibition in Phoenix last month, several World War II vets performed "TAPS." There could have been other musical performances, but I'm unaware of them.

The show on Long Island this summer will, however feature a fairly large New Orleans Jazz ensemble with lots of horns and funeral march style tunes. Should be joyous.

Again, thanks for being a part of this, Julie...


Julie Sadler said...

I see that she has almost made her amount. If need be, I will donate again....

being and doing is the new art.


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