The Artist's Reception for Steven Specht at Arkell

Visitors absorbing into each collage illusion

The gloomy weather did not prevent a small crowd of art lovers from attending Steven Specht's reception for his show at Arkell. With these fiery works to view, it didn't matter what the weather was doing… we were in Steven's little stellar world for the moment.
As I entered the gallery, I was happy to see a large supportive group studying the work. He stood graciously before his most recent accomplishments, with the gallery's stone wall providing a great neutral backdrop for showing  some of his newest collages.

The fabulous Steven Specht and his muse Mary Carol Murrie Durr

I purposefully took in each work and mentally noted various things…such as the finely polished surface of each work, the soothing color combinations and the humor infused within. The stellar additions to some of the pieces tickled the scientist in me, and I enjoyed his realistic depiction of everything constellatory! My foray's into the celestial usually mimic astrological themes…so seeing full planets and moons with craters was inspiring.

I really liked this pair, but my photo does not do justice
Enchanting the viewers with his crazy meticulous style, he allows the viewer to really believe the tale he is telling…It's magical.


Monkeybrain said...

REALLY nice review Julie! It brought a tear to my eye. You've described perfectly what I am trying to do. THANK so much! As always, I am genuinely appreciative of your support and friendship ;-)

Anonymous said...

It looks like the show is a success, what a glowing review! Congratulations. I wish I lived near.

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