New York State Fair

I was very happy last night to see that collage/mixed media was well-represented in the Fine Arts exhibit at the State Fair. The Second Place prize in the Professional category went to Kathie Beale for her work entitled "Yosemite Collage" and yours truly won First Place in the Amateur category. There was a piece in the Embroidery category of the Arts & Crafts exhibit that won First Place and was collage-like as well. My good friend Tom Nettle received an Honorable Mention in the Amateur Photography exhibit. I hate to say it, but it was my first experience with the Fine Arts Exhibit at the Fair and I must say, I was very impressed with all of the entries!


Julie Sadler said...

Congrats, you are on a roll!

Monkeybrain said...

yeah... I'm using up all my karma in one year ;-) Would rather spread it out.

Julie Sadler said...

maybe it will grow exponentially instead. New math.

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