In preparation for my evening class, I watched again the DVD "How to Draw a Bunny" - a documentary about collagist Ray Johnson. It's a great movie! A "must see" for anyone interested in collage art. I would even be willing to loan it to anyone who might be interested. Let me know. Enjoy!


Julie Sadler said...

OMG Steven i beg you to loan it to me!
I tried to get this movie a couple of years ago and failed. i have wanted to watch it forever!
i'll borrow/trade ya. 3 Bantok books for a dvd...? will leave the books at MVCA for you.

Monkeybrain said...

I'd be glad to let you borrow the DVD. BUT... you have to remind me again next week. We didn't quite make it through the entire 90 mins. in class last night; so we have to watch the rest next Tuesday. You'll love it!

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