Hochbaum interview on Juxtapoz

David in his element

It's no secret I have a passion for David Hochbaums' work. His ephemeral and medieval landscapes take me to places I think I have been, or perhaps I will be sometime in the future? I have met him in person, visited his studio and seriously have been inspired by his sharing and generous art spirit. The personal benefits I have received because of this I cannot speak enough of ....nor can I exaggerate.
He is interviewed on Juxtapoz regarding his most recent exhibit Your Are Not Falling, You Are Floating. (which I only wish I could have been on the West Coast to see)
When asked about dreams, his response, "All the glimpses into our past which are some how manipulated by our minds and end up as memory that we carry and mold our lives and character around." seemed so appropriate. I believe that as collagists pick up specific detritus from their daily lives, they are unknowingly subconsciously re-membering or re-living experiences or feelings from the past and repeating these themes throught the artwork. It's a fascinating premise.
And so, I urge you to peer deep into these canvases....whether you go to one of his shows, or check out his extensive web presence....and look for that deeper meaning that stirs within your own psyche.

The rich texture and patterning in David's work is evident in this piece. He uses a variety of printing techniques in addition to some that he has conjured up thru his own experience

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