Fluxus events in NYC!

This is such interesting stuff. And I am in NYC that week--I may have to just to to this and meet up with Cecil!! How exciting... I am tempted to go Friday Night!
The following is a clip from a post made by Cecil Touchon regarding upcoming FLUXUS events in NYC...
"Also I will be in NYC for some Fluxus performances and get-togethers around April 14-18 I think. A lot of fluxus artists will be descending on NYC for "Greetings from Daddaland:Fluxus, Mail Art and Rubber Stamps" performances and events are planned for several days. see below.

Would enjoy meeting up with anybody in NYC at that time.

1. Thursday, April 15th - Gaglione opening at Stendhal / Dada machine
Fluxus performance : Performers are : Picasso Gaglione, Darlene Dormel, Joshua Rutherford, Jessica Feinstein, Keith Buchholz, Reed Altemus, Melissa McCarthy,Ruud Janssen, Christine Tarantino,
and Mark Bloch .
The show opens at 7pm. We will perform at 8:32 sharp.

2. Friday, April 16th - Inside / Outside Fluxfest at Printed Matter

Performers ( So Far ) are :
Reed Altemus, Picasso Gaglione, Joshua Rutherford, Melissa McCarthy, Perry Garvin, Ruud Janssen, Christine Tarantino, Darlene Dormel, Warren Fry, Jennifer Zoellner, Jessica Feinstein, Mark Bloch, Keith A. Buchholz, Olchar F. Lindsann, Tomislav Butovic, and whoever else shows up to perform .
The performance is at 6 pm with the first 30 minutes inside Printed Matter.
At 6:30 we will move outside and unroll a banner that says " FLUXUS STREET THEATRE "
and begin the second part of the performance .
( Printed Matter will be featuring the release of our new series of Performance score pamphlets that evening ).

3. Friday Night, Following the Performance - 8pm
New York Correspondance School Dinner - at Katz's Deli
Spread the word !!! - a classic meeting reemerges at historic Katz's.
Let everybody know - It would be great to have as many folks there as
possible .

4. Saturday, April 17th Lectures at Stendhal - John Held Jr., Ruud Janssen,and Geert De Decker ( Stuka Fabryka ) Lecture on Mail Art, Rubber Stamp, and Fluxus .
1 pm ( tentatively ) I'm not completely sure of the time, but We'll know the lineup for sure by the time we get to New York .

5. Saturday Night - Please Mr. Postman !!!! It's Sticker Dude's
Birthday !!!
Joel Cohen (Stickerdude) hosts an evening of music and mayhem with mailartists at a coffeehouse in Brooklyn .
Details to follow in New York !!!!!!

6. Sunday Morning - The Raid on Rutgers.
For those who wish to venture out on the train.
The Post Neo Absurdists have put together an informal tour of HISTORIC FLUXUS SITES on the Campus of RUTGERS. see where the FLUXMASS really happened. And lots more.
Our hosts Olchar, Warren, and Tomislav have done all the footwork

Are you in NYC? Or near it? Perhaps it's time to decent upon the streets of NY and share some art!

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