animation city

The clearinghouse is quiet, while I take time to prepare the animated collages for PREDICTIONS in Philadelphia.
I do so enjoy making the art squeak, squeal, rock and roll! The added dimension is quite satisfying, but my poor right hand is mad at me now. My wrist hurts and it is hard to maintain 8 hours straight in front of the keyboard to do these. Nonetheless, I persevere and as of this weekend 4 out of 6 animations are complete. The last 2 are already half done, so if I hang in there, I can finish before this week is over.
I looked over at the studio table while I banged away at the keys, and my glues called out to me in distress...USE ME! Soon enough I will be back at the table in the middle of a pile of cut paper! And my wrist will love me again.

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Lynette Hensley said...

Julie, I love your animations -- but preserve your wrists! Truly love your animations. It's like a little toy, sitting at one of your art pieces and touching each "thing" and making it bleep and whirl and shimmy.

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