Kristina Kiselyte

I know. It's been awhile since I posted anyone else's work on this blog. The energy to do so thru these past few months of surgery and healing was just not there. But as I climb back into my busy reality, I find gems along the way that scream out--Share me!
Today I stumbled upon Kristina Kiselyte. She's a collage artist that recently graduated from University of the Arts Camberwell in 2009 (UK).
Truly, I was not looking for collage, but instead for more information on my Lithuanian folk project. Kristina did a small series of interpretation of a fairy tale I am studying. I liked her stuff so much, I probed deeper and found even more delights.

These fascinating letter collages really tripped my trigger. Black and white is so rich. Her work with type is really inspiring.

This wonderful piece, makes me think of the serpent king in the story. I love the portions that are drawn, and then the addition of minimalist collage pieces. Nice.
There really wasn't a lot to see, but the work that I have seen is terrific.
Her website is here but I am following her blog here.

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