Hello from Planet Susannia

Collage by Susanna Lakner
Collage is the noble conquest of the irrational, the coupling of two realities, irreconcilable in appearance, upon a plane which apparently does not suit them.
Max Ernst
Was ist eine Collage? Die systematische Ausbeutung des zuffälligen oder künstlich provozierten Zusammentreffens von zwei oder mehr wesensfremden Realitäten auf einer augenscheinlich ungeeignete Ebene.
Max Ernst

Greetings! It's Friday and I am kinda nervous and jumpy today after receiving 3+ feet of snow in 3 days. It's like an infinite canvas, stretching across meadow and forest. I wish I could paint across it all in a large swash.
Fluxus, Dada, these wonderful art movements both played a part in elevating the status and popularity of collage. When first discovering collage over 10 years ago, I fell in love with these European works, and Hannah Hoch was my idol. I came to learn about mailart rather late in the scale of things, and altho I have sent out a few projects and participated in a few mailart calls, I really have not embraced that art scene as much as I could. There are a lot of Fluxus groups and they are constantly posting intellectual works that are stimulating and innovative.
Today I share with you mailart sweetness from across the pond in Germany. I received an email today from Planet Susannia. As soon as I saw the name in the email, I was excited. I have heard of Susanna Lakner in mailart circles and here she was sharing her collage blogs with me. I am tickled to death that she wrote me--honored even.
Of course, there was nothing I could do but share this all with you.
Her first blog, Planet Susannia, is a terrific digital accounting of her mailart correspondence sprinkled with random collage work. I loved looking thru these pages and spent some time peeking around.
I love the spontaneousness of mail art. I fixate and fantasize about the postal workers and their reaction to a breath of fresh art in the mail.

She started a new blog recently...entitled leben-und-kleben.blogspot.com. I am sure this will also become a colorful box of treasures to peer into when in need of a break from daily visual boredom.
Thanks Susanna for the heads up on your blogs! I am sure to stop by now and then to visit.


tgarrett said...

Hey Julie- I know it's been a while- you are sounding better despite your weather- Thanks for the recent posts.
I will do a longer email message at some point- your new work is exciting to see. Big hug to you-

Monkeybrain said...

I really like all of these pieces; but I especially like the third one! Thanks for sharing. I just posted something too ;-)

Julie Sadler said...

hey Terry, i have been thinking of you too. found the Dreamiverse packet and want to send to you. will email you asap.

Peter Dowker said...

Come see a great collab I did with Susanna. Just posted it at

Planet Susannia said...

Many many thanks, Julie!
Greetings from Susannia!

Planet Susannia said...

The link is correctly:

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