I like night time skies. They impress me, especially in winter time. We are so far removed from the world around us. The closer we live to city-suburban-land the further away the starry nights become. I am fortunate enough to get plenty of clear glimpses of crescent moons and celestial events both real and of my own imagination. I know the real ones pretty well and can recognize several in the sky. My favorite is Orion....for some reason I really like the stars in the belt....I like to make up my own constellations, too.
I did this piece imagining myself in the sky, swooping along a celestial birds' shoulders and morphing within it and into it. I wish I could have imposed more twisting and flowing in this one, but it's already quite busy. The background blueprints always remind me of an astrological map, so I tried to alter this gear print a bit and make it appear as though it was part of my quantum sky plan with white ink and stars. I can't really add flowing stuff or the whole thing will implode.
It's good to be within my own head playing around again. Not sure if my wonder and playful happiness comes through in the work. I guess that's the internal part, the part I do it all for...it's the feeling of loss within the work and the feeling of my own alternative reality. I WAS flying in the nighttime sky. I just want you to join me there.


The Renzntzman said...

Love this collage!

KC said...

this is great.

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