1000 Journals Film AVAILABLE ON DVD NOW!!!

Yes, it's true!
The 1000 journals DVD is available on DVD. I was so excited to see my artwork on the cover of the DVD jacket...upper right hand corner! Woo hoo!
I have posted several times about the 1000 Journals/1000 Journals Film experience. It was and still is an inspiration. Congratulations to Andrea and Someguy for following through and creating a life changing event for many people!!!
For those who need to know more:
1000 Journals Project
1000 Journals Film Project
1001 Journals Project
Andrea just sent me another link...
Try this!


The Renzntzman said...

I just put it in my Netflix queue although it's not available on there yet. I can't wait to see it.

The Renzntzman said...

Is your work in the book too? I have it. How do I find you in there?

Julie Sadler said...

Yes, my work is in the book on 4 full pages.
They made a mistake tho. The pages that they printed actually back each other up in the journal...there's a little window I cut and shows thru. Instead of grouping them from the same journal, they put 2 pages in one section of the book and the other 2 in a different section...that's the messed up part.
One spread has the cone trees that you see in the upper right corner of the front of the DVD (red, orange, black).The other spread has the window on the left hand page, I believe the spread is red, with funny little squirrellies on the bottom edges and maybe a small cone tree in the little window... (I don't have the book here for actual page numbers, but I will follow up later for you when I am home)
The DVD is fantastic. You can see my silly dramatic commentary...good grief it's hard to watch yourself on the big screen. My blue eyes...that's how you will know it's me. They are insane blue onscreen. Also, there are several full screen DVD shots of my art. ya gotta love that.....

tgarrett said...

Thanks for the heads up Julie- I have been waiting for this for so long- up here in the tundra of northern Minnesota we would never see the film- I ordered it right away as I will use it in my art education methods course.

Julie Sadler said...

most excellent Terry!!
I know I was craving to see it and ended up going to NYC last fall...I am looking forward to having a little viewing with my local buds...

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