Fox and Squirrel

Fox and Squirrel
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Worked on this one last week and finished it up this weekend. I had used Yes glue on all of the photos, and it needed time to set up. I have a minor amount of waving on this piece. Also, the channels between the photos have made indentations with the upper layers of paper. Interesting, but hopefully not distracting.

It's a bit cropped due to the scanner, but the landscape continues out on the sides. I had a blast blending 3 different photos with some laser prints...the challenge was to get the laser prints flat. I used yes glue, had minor wrinkling, and as I worked on it, while the glue was still wet, I kept pressing them and oozing out anything that was in the way of flat. It was a challenge, but all in all, results were not bad!

I've been possessing the blog with some of my own recent exploits on projects lately. I thought sharing my difficulties and small triumphs might be of benefit to some other poor collage artist soul out there in the aether who sometimes struggles for perfection on those quiet winter nights.

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