Terry's Journal pages

Terry's Journal Pages
now with special insanity notations!!!!

Theo was a good fellow so they tried not to stare.

I loved Terry's opening page so much. The winged ears cracked me up, such a departure from the ever-tiring winged fairy option.... I decided I needed to give Theo a bigger identity. There's a story here to tell.

Theo had a brother. (he thought it wasn't fair...)
He was unlike any other.

I wanted to put words on the second page here..but I got stuck with 2 alternatives and did neither... He thought it wasn't fair would rhyme nicely with Terry's page, however, unless you looked and thought for a moment, you might not get what wasn't fair. (body alterations!) He was unlike any other...hell that's the truth.

This certifies that you are the source of the strange young sons.

He certainly could have been the father...he has wings plus antennas on his head. And his hands are doing a shadow puppet in his crotch. He is strange enough to have a son with winged ears and another son with a butterfly body, which is quite phallus-like. It's believable.

No words on this spread.
Let me fill in the blanks...Father looks fondly on at his eldest son, Theo while graffiti sprouts from his already winged ears. Maybe he used to be a city boy?

Again, no words on this spread.
Theo is hanging out in his natural habitat of flora and fauna...pointing to his not-so-lucky brother who appears to be wrestling time out of a faucet.

again, no words
Theo's brother appears to be in Theo's forest hood....not sure why. This is for Terry to figure out!! And maybe he will have a name for Theo's unlucky brother.

The journal already is home in Minnesota with Terry. Theo probably will have some new antics to share with us at a later date....

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nature morph said...

This is totally fabulous. I've had an old book of butterfly illustrations sitting on my shelf forever, and I haven't been able to figure out how to use all those wings in my collages, so I'm glad to see this. I love the wings coming out of the ears!

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