Hyde, Copyright and YOU!

I was reading the most recent post over at Ed Winkleman's blog this morning and it really caught my attention. Copyright was the subject, fair use and unfair use, my FAVORITE topic (haha!)...He had a couple of links there that I recommend you read about if you follow copyright stuff, which you should if you are a good collage dooby.
He mentions the article on about the German artists that are pissed off about having their images in the google image search, Catherine Spaeth's blog which speaks about writing and the copyright issue, and also the story of Paddy Johnson's Helmut Newton escapade...But it was the comment section that tipped me off about the Hyde thing.
Hyde is someone exploring the nature of our creative commons. Using "gift" societies as an example, he is doing us all a good service by dedicating his time to researching the current copyright conundrum. The article is on the NY Times site. Its a great read. I would also follow the links above from Ed's blog, because all of this stuff is relevant, important, temporarily Earth shattering, and definitely life threatening.

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Sandra T said...

Thank you for putting together those links...I'll take a look! I try to acquire 100year+ books to use in my collage for that very issue!

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