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Imagine your very own publication on the same shelf as Art Forum. Now it can happen.

Issuu is a super cool site that feeds out pdf's of publications. ALL kinds of publications. Like thousands of pdfs.... I mean this is the motherload of pdfs!!! After joining, you have the ability to upload your own publications for viewing. It formats your work into this super cool web-reabable pdf. It's really quite amazing and it's FREEEEE. You can bookmark pubs and pages. You can share your own work. You can also find friends there and do all that social web hoo doo stuff...
I found several collage people out there and there are so much more I am certain.
I uploaded 3 publications that I did a few years ago. My pubs can be found here. I have blogged about cless before and his pubs may be found here.
Do you have any pubs on Issuu? Let me know...because if I get enough response, I will put a link section on the side and we can share our pubs.

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wow! very cool!
thanks for the link.


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