Just what is Macarenses???

According to A. MacGregor, "the name Macarenses comes from the book 'Utopia' by Thomas More, published in 1516. Macarenses is a land not far from Utopia itself and is translated as Happiland, from Makar meaning happy. Of course, I have used this name as a pun on our present state of affairs".

I like the hidden meaning. This site is not for the timid! Every now and then I run across a collagist that is so prolific, so off the wall, so different that there is no sense in attempting an explanation. That is the case with the artwork of Andrew MacGregor. His crazy site is the home of over 300 collages, and more! Some of his pieces remind me of Hannah Hoch and the Dada collagists of times past, or websites of some mail artists that I have seen. There is a certain European Avant-garde flair in his pieces, and I love that haphazard look, and even more I love the hidden commentary on politics and our state of affairs in this world... In his words, " The website is not just my artwork but it is a storehouse of inspirations packed from floor to ceiling with words and images ranging from found items to collectable objects. There are book lists, web-links, information on artists and much much more....." Indeed he isn't kidding. I spent a bit of time roaming around his many pages, and found I could go on and on...his links list alone has a heavy sprinkling of oddness and bizarreness. I recommend visiting this site when you have the time for exploration, this is worthy of a time investment.

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