collaged walls—Fort Thunder

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Since I recently moved, I have been going thru boxes of my own stuff and finding all sorts of treasures. I used to get NEST, the coolest magazine EVER>>which now is out of print (sob, sob!!). In NEST there were so many hip things. I miss that rag...
I came across an article about Fort Thunder, the brainchild of cartoonist Mat Brinkman and his buds from RSID. This bizarre loft/space/home/? was a living artrwork, a modern DADA testimony to the creativity of the peeps that dwelled there. The article goes on to explain it, and has a few choice pictures. It is these pictures I want to share, I hope the ghost of NEST won't mind. What a whirlwind of collaged materials! If these walls were murals, and painted they would be special. But with walls like this, collaged and pasted with the detritus of daily life, the impact seems so much more intense.
I really like the fact that there is plenty to look at and read in the bathroom. It reminds me of that old advertising wallpaper they used to have, that you could read the ads on while you took that dump. But these walls, they would require hours to be able to check it all out.
This all makes me want to purchase a beat up cheap piece of property and ...DECORATE it...collage style.


Neda said...

Ooops..I thought these were more photos of your work space. Nah!! Just kidding! Great wallpaper, though :)

julie said...

HAHAha...there IS a similarity!!!

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