Chris Jordans' Micro Digital Collage

Ben Franklin, 2007
8.5 feet wide by 10.5 feet tall in three horizontal panels
Depicts 125,000 one-hundred dollar bills ($12.5 million), the amount our government spends every hour on the war in Iraq.

Partial zoom:

Detail at actual size:

Thru a link on Juxtapoz, today I found the work of Chris Jordan.
His latest series, Running the Numbers, An American Self-Portrait is fascinating because of its ability to depict abstract concepts in ways that anyone can understand.
Chris uses statistical facts, and graphical portrays them in a unique way, using digital collage. The work is subtle, because a zoom is needed to understand their vastness...but the message is bold. I really liked these because of their double meaning. The scale of the pieces is not easily translated on a webpage. This Ben Franklin example is 8.5 x 10.5 FEET long! That is a large work, to put it mildly. All of these pieces on display would be quite monumental!!
Hop on over to Los Angeles. This exhibit is currently showing at Paul Kopeikin Gallery.
September 8 to October 20, 2007
6150 Wilshire Blvd

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