Sometimes life gets in the way of my art. I know I have to eat and sleep to survive. And to eat, I have to cook since going out is not affordable. And if I cook and eat, there are dishes involved which I have to wash. And after the dishes are washed I will realize that I need to get more dish detergent and I will have to go shopping. To go shopping, I need a car. To have a car, I need a job. To do a job, I need 40 hours a week of my personal time. Of course, a job and shopping and eating make me tired. So I sleep, which takes up even more personal time. Then there is shower time, essential if you want friends in this world. And computer time for this blog. And what about laundry? Cleaning? balancing the bank account???

All the time that is left is for art. What is there...maybe 15 minutes? Not enough.

So I don't always eat. Cut back on my sleep. Wash dishes after they sit in the sink after 3 days. Shop online. Do laundry every 10 days instead of 7. I still have the full time job, the car payment and laundry. And i shower everyday.

By using these time saving techniques, I am able to get a couple of hours a day doing the thing i love most.

BUT still --it isn't enough. I sometimes get frustrated.


Mick said...

I understand your plight completely and sympathize. This is a question that haunts all artists...except for those few who have a patron (Medici Era Renaissance for example) or sell enough art to maintain self sufficiency, all of us continue to seek an answer. How? Where? With Whom do we begin this dialogue? Are there too many artists? Is there too much art?

julie said...

i think that I am particularly sensitive to it, being female. there is so much that we are supposed to do, so much we are responsible for, with childbearing and rearing being at the top of the list. I suspect some of it is rather primal.
On the other hand, i am certain guys also feel this tug of life vs. art.
that must be where the joy and vitality comes from...that spark underneath it all, that drive it takes to abandon all other pursuits for your passion...

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