The End of Living The Beginning of Survival

Collage by Dash Snow. What can be said of his work? There is a shock value to his work. The themes are raw.

I read commentary about him online awhile back and decided I would have to reserve judgement on him. I had not seen his collage work, only his photography. His collage work is really quite communicative. Actually, I hadn't thought of him as much of an artist until I had seen his collages....

I know life is raw. Hell, my life is raw. I just don't photograph the partying, the criminal stuff, I keep that to myself and my close circle of friends.... It is refreshing that Dash Snow doesn't try to hide it tho...he rather tries to get it and bring it in your face. For that raw honesty I do envy him....

He is exhibiting in Berlin.
Contemporary Fine Arts
Tuesday - Friday 10 - 13 and 14 - 18
Saturday 11 - 17

Sophienstrasse 21
10178 Berlin

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