The Collage Journal

I look at Peter Jacobs work and I can understand how absorbed in his collage art he really is. When I see so much art, such a bulk....I know this person is living and breathing thru the pictures. I can identify with the pile of scrap and papers that he must have in order to achieve such a colorful depth and breadth in his work. There is an evolving that happens as you continue to work day after day on a particular technique and as I look thru the pages of The Collage Journal, I can see this unfolding characteristic clearly.
I like the relevance of his work, also. There is a lot of reference to politics and things affecting us on a global scale, like war...I usually avoid these topics for some reason. I do enjoy seeing the expressions of others tho, and in this case, there is so much to see.
His site is here.

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