White on White

A worthy project was mentioned in the collage list on yahoo this week. Cecil Touchon of collagemuseum.com

Inspired by the show I mentioned a while back of found objects. I would like
to invite members of the collage email group to donate objects, collages,
constructions, assemblages, etc. that are white on white. This could be a
collection of white objects, collage made of blank paper or white paper
(maybe mellowed with age) where the white of the paper is the main element
like a Janet Jones 'mirage' collage, things painted white, like a Louise
Nevelson assemblage, or whatever strikes your imagination.

This is an open call with a show anticipated for October 2007 at the Fort
Worth Art Center and where ever else gets arranged. I anticipate this being
a multi-year project. All items will be exhibited on line at the
collagemuseum.com website. Send to:

White on White
6955 Pinon Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76116

Here is the starter page.

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