Papier Croises 2007 Nr. 2

"Papiers Croisés (Cross Papers) is the name of a collective and individual work made up of 100 small collages. 10 000 combinations can be made of it, according to location of each collage. Through its concept, Papiers croisés reveals two characterictics of collage : iconoclastic meetings and possibility of recombining all that has been created before…"

The Art Du Collage has an interesting project going on. This large work is made up of 100 collages 3.94 x 3.94 square to complete a 2.28 x 2.28 ft. collage. The objective of this project and rules can be found here on their website.
I have not spent much time at the Museum Artcolle website. I remember when it was first set up, I was so busy at the time to correspond with them. I think its time I looked further into their work.

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