High brow low brow and middle brow?

Always wondered about the def of lowbrow. Saw this post here at Edward Winklemans blog...as I was reading thru the comments, i read this...
"Ed, the brows are marked by varying refinement of taste. If you'll permit me a wine analogy: Highbrow taste can distinguish between years of a single vinyard. Middlebrow taste can distinguish between varietals. Lowbrow taste can distinguish between red and white.

So in art, highbrow taste is concerned with the highest reaches of the art, and fine distinctions between excellent efforts and superlative ones. Lowbrow taste is concerned with anything that tugs on the human psyche in any way. Middlebrow taste is concerned with the parameters of highbrow taste, but can't or won't access it. Incidentally, some people can become extremely good at low culture, just like others can excel at high culture. ... I'm undecided whether one can achieve mastery in the middlebrow realm - the nature of middlebrow taste might preclude it."

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