Long NIghts Moon

What a struggle this piece has been! And although I am posting it, I am not quite satisfied with the result. The girls head is bugging me, and I tried to camoflage her by hiding her behind some oak branches, but .....??? It is what it is.

This is #2 in the series of the monthly moons...using the medieval Book of Hours as my inspiration, as well as the naming of the moons by the Iroquois. This moon is the longest of the year. I tried to convey that darker than dark moon rising feeling. The bottom piece of blue stuff...they are cyanotypes. I got some sun paper and took oak leaves from a tree in my yard, that also supplied the Lomo colorsplash blue filtered oaks in the foreground.

I have some gold leaf. I am contemplating putting the medieval calendar style dial on the moon, and putting some gold leaf in the background, however that face is bugging me, and makes me think I had best move on to other works.

Happy New Year from upstate NY. At this point, the days are only getting longer and we can celebrate the onset of a new season.

Long Nights Moon


Anonymous said...

It's a lovely piece but I agree - the head does cause a problem. It is almost too close to the body and slightly to the right of where it should have been placed. The result is that it looks slightly "off". Is it within reason to re-work? The piece is worth the effort.

Julie Takacs said...

I totally agree!!!
I plan to find her a new head, altho the look on her face is perfect!

thanx for the encouragement!

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