Dear Anonymous

I don't know who you are, but I am grateful for you comment on my last post. Thank you so much for taking the time to express your feelings on this. It was because of you that this final piece exists.
I was dismayed over the placement of the figure in the Long Nights Moon collage and I really was going to just shelve it and move on.

the bad girl 
When I read the heartfelt comment that was posted by "anonymous" I was inspired to go back and finish up this piece. I ended up finding the most perfect head (with a fairly decent look on her face!). I have to tell you how DADA this whole process is, in that this head was found, cut as is, in my pile. It was a reject from another time, but matched this hole *perfectly*. It was meant to be. After this collage surgery, I proceeded to gold leaf it. I have not used gold leaf before, and it's quite the mess the way I do it. But then again, I am an utter slob whilst I am creating. (right Steven?)

the good girl

As I brushed off excess gold leaf, it spread all over the table and adhered to gluey edges in the work. It ended up being okay, almost like a golden moon glow, but I will be careful in the future. (I apologize for the not so clear pic. This was taken with my new iphone, which I am experimenting with. Usually I scan these...)

final, with gold leaf
Note to myself: I used Rhoplex on this piece. It was a pain in the arse. It was this glue that ruined the girls head to begin with...and it also was the cause of the gold leaf sticking to all those edges. Using Jade will eliminate this problem. Only us Rhoplex on the thinnest of papers, and then put it away!

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