Beaver Moon (flat)

Beaver Moon (flat)
Today is the Beaver Moon. An appropriate day for posting artwork that is inspired by it, wouldn't you say? This piece was a struggle. It's a transitional piece I think. I am watching my ideas and work change.

The color scheme: was inspired by The Sowers, by Van Gogh. I was teaching color and color relationships this week at SUNY Coby in design class. I was also reading about Van Gogh. I am quite amazed at his use of color. My piece uses purples and pale yellows and oranges. It's an attempt to really force color vibrancy using compliments.

The design: was inspired The Tres Riches Heures. The Book of Nature, which was painted in 1400's. I really love this book and the idea behind it. I am using this project as an exercise. Each month I will do a piece based on the moon. I was careful not to look at this piece at all (recently) as I made my own. I don't want to copy, but take the essence. In my piece, I am wanting to define the oval shape with pen and ink and add some numbers. I might try this digitally before I take it to the final work, and only if it looks good.

The use of photography in this piece: was inspired by David Hochbaum. It's no secret I like his work. His use of large scale photos that he takes himself continues to drive me to this mode of operation. I have also almost eliminated external ephemera. Almost! (those planet stickers I could not resist!)

The idea: in case it isn't coming through. The beaver moon is about getting ready for the cold. She is supposedly harvesting the weeds. I don't know if the message is strong enough. I hate to go blatant and put a beaver on the piece. That's cheating!

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