The Hyper texture of Gail Coito

I regret that I am so slow to respond to people that sometimes send me beautiful mail or write to me by email. I am such an emotional sort, and I go up and down more than your local park's swing set. It's a big fault of mine, but as I curse that emotional gal inside of me, I also remember she's the one that rules the roost and allows me to be creative at all. So please forgive me, all of you, for putting you aside while I try to keep a grip of myself! Gail has written me more than a few times about sharing her work and I am so glad that she did! I am in love with her textures!

So, today I want to share the work of a talented woman named Gail Coito who hails from San Fran, CA but originally she was from the East Coast. Finding her way to collage thru her work with a Hospice group, she recognized her calling and has been doing cut and paste ever since.

Her work is uber textured, and super tactile saturated. These pieces read like an ephemera fest. Poetic little snippets sewn glued and fit together to form an unknown memory. In her recent work on her website, I spent some time getting to know the characters she has created.
A Depositor - Random Stacks Series

 Looking thru old photographs it's hard not to imagine what their lives were like and what they stood for. Gail spins a literal web with thread and tiny hints of paper, leading you to draw your own conclusions. Fantastic mixtures of paper and textiles. Little bundles of peoples lives. I seem to be able to come up with lots of little descriptions for her sweet collage vignettes.
Book of Secret Codes - Random Stacks Series
More here, at her site. She also teaches, so you west coast peeps can take advantage! There are some serious textures here...and many layers a collagist can get lost in....


studioJudith said...

Such exquisite work ... .
truly an inspiration.
I must sit down at my sewing machine !!


Julie Takacs said...

ha....me too! It's infectious.

Monkeybrain said...

Really nice work! I'm trying some new stuff that might involve some texture. It's so interesting to me that the people that do textural work are SO good at it (and I love the work), but I just haven't gotten the hang of it (yet). Many times, I just don't "see" it. This work is inspirational!

rebeca trevino said...

i have had the pleasure of seeing Gail's work in person, and i can tell you 'it IS exquisite'. . . she does beautiful work.

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