Rags to Riches (in Stratford)

How does that saying go? 
One man's junk is another man's treasure.
There's this juxtaposition of the rhinestones against the ramshackle shed. The heavy substrate allowed me to attach heavier objects to this work. The protruding 3d front door will be enhanced further when I install a tiny blue LED light underneath the drawer pull. It should shine an eerie light down upon the front door and reflect off of the jewels.
I feel like these pieces are so vulnerable and fragile, sticking out from the base with no protection like this. The art is almost as fragile as the actual buildings they depict!

It was all she had, this humble ramshackle home in the woods.
a jewel in the rough.

Protruding Front door
Rags to Riches
(in Stratford)
Mixed Media on vintage cabinet drawer front
Book endpapers, laser prints taken in Stratford, 35mm photos, vintage blueprint, vintage magazine ad, various rhinestone jewelry parts, vintage engraving, postcard 


Monkeybrain said...

LOVE IT! The addition of a blue LED light will be fabulous! Great work Julie!

Mary Cartledgehayes said...


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