Altered Books Final

 This past semester I taught design at SUNY Cobleskill again, and I tried a really crazy idea for the final project. After learning about line, shape, texture, color, etc....I had them create altered books as the final.

Erik B reworking a Bible! He had music as his theme and revealed that music was spiritual for him.
They needed to create at least 4 sections, and design the cover--keeping some kind of unity and theme across the book.
The very prolific Gaby D works on her altered '70s biology book, giving it a hippy rainbow attitude. 

It was a month long journey, with the students going crazy over these books.
Melique G drawing in his unique raw style within his altered Encyclopedia. 

I watched the whole thing unfold and as they worked on them, I learned as much as they did.

Brittany S covered her book with leather and made an enclosure out of a nail she plucked out of the wall in class.

The various ways they tackled the theme, the interesting things they did with their pages, their utter involvement, it was just fascinating and I am so glad I decided to go this route as the final!
Josh T completely covered this book with gesso, and then created a masterpiece book about rain
The rewards for stepping out of our boxes are many.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like loads of fun. You should post the finished books, I would love to see them!

Bobbi said...

I agree, would love to see photos of the finished books. :)

Julie Sadler said...

I know! i wish I had time to scan them! I just returned from my daughters' wedding and had to immediately give them back to the students!
I plan on doing this again in the fall, this time with some experience!!

Laura said...

so great to see the next generation getting into it so intensely..

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