fire zone - progress of the next invasion

Steve Specht here...
After about a month and a half of feeling minimally inspired, on Thursday of this week I had the time to spend in my studio (and had cleaned-up my area a bit) and ended-up feeling "on fire" again or "in the zone" with regard to collage activities. It was exhilarating and greatly appreciated! I have several projects underway, but thought I would share a couple photographs of the second in a series of "invasion" collages I have in mind. Many people ask "how do come up with your ideas for a collage?". One of the things that I do LOTS of, is trial-and-error. I interchange many elements multiple times to finally arrive at what looks good to me. Fortunately, what looks good to me apparently looks good to some others as well. But the point here is that the collage doesn't just "come together" (i.e., it's not just simply "thrown together" quickly... in my case). Here are some of the "trials" that I have looked at this week. It's unlikely that all the elements shown will make it to the finished piece. But you can probably see things "developing". Enjoy!


Quynbi Ada said...

This is beautiful!

Julie Sadler said...

Do you think this is the thought process that is occurring inside while you work? The struggle between the 2 sides of your brain, where mental associations interfere with your visual ones?
A nice progression!
Lately it's about the process!

Monkeybrain said...

Well... as one who has been trained in psychobiology, I will first say that the distinction between right and left sides of the brain is not well supported. The good news is that we are all using both sides of our brains pretty much all the time. On the other hand, subjective description seems to support the notion of differences in intuitive methods of creation and more deliberative or planned methods. I suspect this is the dimension along which the healthy tension is working. It is about "the processes" indeed!

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