Day 2 of The Invasion

Steve Specht here.
Okay, so here is the finished product (the one with the double matting, to match Day 1). The first one in this series (the one with the colorful bird) was purchased by my colleague Dr. Tyson Kreiger. I was motivated to continue doing a series of these pieces because I like them and it seems that others do too. I was contemplating including a bird head in each one, but when I saw how nice this lady's head looked, I just couldn't resist. But... I did try a composition with a golden eagle head (as shown). When I used this head, I certainly had to change the color scheme of the background space imagery. It provided me with the opportunity to do some photographing to use in a workshop about collage composition I hope to put on one day. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I really like the first one. It's like the people are at a movie but they actually are the entertainment. It's a reminder that everything isn't always about you/me. Grats on the sell of the bird one, also cool.

Elizabeth Quincy said...

I just stumbled upon this site yesterday. These 3 and the others like it really caught my eye. They are just fabulous.

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