The word "I" and I

Each time this girl posts, she gets weirded out by how many times the word "I" appears in the post.
So a personal decision was made to avoid that word if possible. In my last post, it was beyond difficult to do this, and a story appeared instead. When a blog is written in the first person, it's probably unavoidable to use "that" word, but when it's read, it seems really egotistical, or perhaps even arrogant.
If the word is not used, well this sounds just plain silly!


LoneStarLibrarian said...

I have the same hangup about blogging! But when you think of blogs as online journals, maybe that helps? Also to be considered as personal essays - a form I've always enjoyed reading and now feel I've backed into as a blogger.

Julie Sadler said...

Good idea. I hate to sound haughty, or arrogant. Without my voice and some physical facial expression, I worry it comes off as elitist.

Personal essays. That's a nice tip!

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