Chicks Along the Canal

This Saturday, I am participating in the debut of a new show called Chicks Along the Canal. Located in Little Falls, this show highlights women entrepreneurs of the Mohawk Valley. For this particular setting, I am bringing a limited amount of art and upscaled jewelry I have been working on. I will be filling the rest of the booth with antiques from Fort Plain Antiques, my fiancé Chris' antique store.
For this show, I decided to see what kind of collage craft I could do that would be suitable for the mainstream, but that would also challenge me and keep my interest. I came up with the idea of Long Lost Relatives.
One of the walls with many photos at my first show in Norwich, NY

The first solo show I did, I hung up probably 100 vintage photos along with my collage work. There were people that wanted to buy the photos...and of course I was trying to sell the art! I remember the intrigue that was caused by people seeing folks of other times that look liked their relatives. It was this behavior that prompted me to do this series. These are smaller pieces, approx. 4 x 6 or so each. The smaller format allows for smaller prices, which should appeal to folks in this economy.
I am nervous about mixing the booth with art and antiques, it's my first time doing this. Hope to have good reports for you after the show!

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