The Whirlwind that is Me

Holy crap. I can't explain the utter crazy focus that I have been able to maintain over this past month.
The show  of course is what is on my mind, and it's difficult to get by the myriad of tasks that have faced me in getting ready. The tedium of framing was something I was not prepared for! I am using vintage frames, which all required a complete and thorough cleaning and then a swab with some of that miracle elixir...Old English! What great stuff that is, it hides everything. The cutting of glass, the cleaning of glass. It's in a class all by itself and I hate it. What difficult work, cleaning glass and not cutting yourself on the edges.
I felt as tho I was doing a delicate ballet on every single work as I slid it onto the glass, trying to avoid dust and little bits of stuff as I put it all together. Then there was the glazier points. UGH! On a nice pine frame life is good. On a 50 year old oak frame, life sucks. I have taken a beating in making the frames work. Stripping off the old swivels and wires hurt my fingertips. Then I saved the wire to re-use it when the works were framed again. That hurt. Whine whine. Putting in new swivels, my poor thumbs. I have no fingerprints!
This morning I dropped off over 35 pieces to the gallery.
They hang the works themselves at the Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts, and I will be stopping in on Saturday to see how it all came together.
Meanwhile, I have a video to finish up, a pricing list to make out and my SUNY Cobleskill class to teach. Not to mention the full time day job.
Anyone got some time I can borrow???

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