A Book About Death — The Show

This show opens up tomorrow nite in NY City!!! There are over 400 artists that are participating. I won't be there because I am hanging my own solo show in Little Falls, NY this week. My daughter will be attending the opening and collecting my little Book O' Death for me. While you are there, collect the 400 cards to create your own Book About Death. This is such a great concept! And also, it's sort of like an installation.
If you have the chance, this show is a Must See!!!

a project by matthew rose

OPENING: September 10, 7:30 pm - 11 pm
RUNNING: September 10 - 22 2009
The Emily Harvey Foundation
537 Broadway, NYC, NY.

A BOOK ABOUT DEATH involves a global participation of artists who have each sent in 500 postcards (the "pages") in a massive unbound "book" on the subject of death. More than 275 artists including Yoko Ono, Julia Hoffmann, Peter Schuyff, Dame Mailarta, Rodney Alan Greenblat, Julie Sadler and others have contributed works thus far.


Matthew Rose is an artist and writer based in Paris.

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