A Crash Course in Online Piracy

I was contacted via email by Katherine Long, who is part of OnlineGraduatePrograms.com, a team of designers and researchers that designed a graphic which highlights how the billions of dollars that Hollywood claims to lose due to piracy, isn't all that they make it out to be. In fact, it may be helping them. She kindly offered to share the graphic with collage clearinghouse readers and I was happy to oblige. It's really well done, and I love the way the graphic symbols match the content.
I was also amazed with the facts in it's content. Take a look for yourself, and see where your opinion lies...

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tgarrett said...

Julie- I want you to have my new email- I can't find yours- we moved so snail mail is different too:

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I think of you often and cherish the books I have of yours.

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