When is a Piece of Mail a Piece of Art?

When is a Piece of Mail a Piece of Art?
When Terry Garrett sends you a letter, that's when! I was most delighted to receive this gorgeous and meticulous piece of art from Terry on a day when my soul felt most black. I wasn't expecting much in the old snail mail box, except more bills..., but there was this fantastic adventure in there to surprise me.

the folded envy, with the flap tucked in

I have felt a bit inside of myself lately. This letter helped to draw me back out.
the little diamond fold
The image of a bird landing on a rooftop...a parallel to the mail that landed in my box.
the beautiful letter - art cheers up the soul
The telescopic eye of this collage on the outside of the envelope is another parallel...to the way I feel about looking towards the future in time... of the country, my network persona, my blog, my artwork, my soul. All systems Go!
the prophetic vision - we look to the future!

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tgarrett said...

Julie- So glad it arrived and that you liked it! I like doing this kind of thing more than making other art for right now. It's been a challenging fall on several levels but getting better. How nice of you to post the images. Big hugs- Terry

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