Shellstar machine

Shellstar machine by misphit
Shellstar machine, a photo by misphit on Flickr.

Aaaah. The Days of Summer 2011.
So far my days and nights consist of dreams. I am in a land within my head, and dreaming of ocean love. My fiancé Chris and I are getting married next month...August 20. Our honeymoon will be spent in BoothBay Harbor Maine. I am making this special wedding album for my husband-to-be. It's been fabulous fun to be back on the collage table after the rigorous exercises I have put myself thru as of late. I cannot believe how the inspiration just gushes when my mind is "in" something. I am so very excited, so this art feels like an overflowing tsunami.
Please enjoy this page from the wedding album. It's my personal fave.


Monkeybrain said...

First of all... CONGRATULATIONS!!!! to you and Chris! Awesome! I'm happy for the both of you. Secondly, WOW! I love the two piece you just posted. I can sense that these works are coming from a very special place within Julie. GREAT work! LOVE it!

Julie Sadler said...

thanks steven. I am amazed at how easily it can flow from within when one's spirit is involved.

Anonymous said...

So beautiful, I love these collages! Congrats on the wedding-enjoy the bliss.

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