New Media Pros and Cons

So yesterday I wrote about my decision to plunge my collage into the digital realm again.
A few years back, wow, maybe 5 years at least...I was really heading in this direction. Liberated by Flash and it's capabilities of scripting animation, I was quite excited. I did a bunch of small projects. But,  in my heart, there's an ego thirsty ham that wants recognition....I want to imagine years from now collectors hanging onto my work and fighting over it in auctions. (well a girls gotta dream anyhow). This dream sort of turned to dust when I considered what was going to happen to my digital work years from now. It's already obvious that technology isn't standing still, and that the world is still figuring out how to archive this type of work. Oil is used in the production of computers, and with peak oil looming...I felt I had better focus as much effort as possible on an end product that didn't exploit our planets' resources, a product that was tangible and not ethereal. This meant artwork on the studio table. For years, I pretty much abandoned efforts on animating my work, except for a few small projects.
After consideration, as I said yesterday, I started feeling like I've been there, done that. I need to step up my game, take advantage of all the things that I can use to convey emotion, and start branching out.  I want to lead the medium to a new place, rather than hang out where I am comfortable.
I am nervous. We all like to be compensated on our work! I like to sell pieces so that I can afford more art materials, art trips, and art stuff! But How the Heck am I going to Market a Hi-def video? Where's the money in it? For me, it's been about the experience, not so much the money, but we often equate money with success. If I do this movie and it takes me over 300 hours, how will I justify the time spent on something so abstract as a movie?
It's not like I have a distributor or someone ready to pick this video and show it, or a gallery interested in setting up a major installation for art, photography and video (yet!)...although perhaps this would happen should I pursue it.
I feel like a deer frozen in the headlights! What to do, what to do! It's almost depressing to me. Almost. If it wasn't for the sheer excitement that is happening inside as I head into new territory! For now, my muse leads me to new places. I am using the process of collage in my video making and using the processes available on the computer for my collage making. It's going to be interesting to see what can be conjured up. And so exciting...and who knows where it will lead me?
Will this make me money?
i don't know. It doesn't really matter. I have a full time day job and a part time night job for cash.
I am in it for the experience.

I figure who else can do what I can do? I feel like inside I am a leader, not a follower. It's time I acted like one.

additional note:
This change makes my collage blogging even more complex.  I know, it's "my blog" and I can do what I want. But I have spent years keeping this a resource blog about collage. Am I straying too far off topic, if I take you through this new process into the computer and back again? There's still artwork to share, but not as much...since now some of my time and creativity is spent with video and the like...Is this the proper forum for this new direction?? Any comments would be welcome, while I try to decide how to handle this.

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Monkeybrain said...

Take us with you on your journey! I have been remiss in posting during my hiatus; but am just about ready to "get going" again. I can cross post to fill in the quiet times ;-)

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