Mailart from Planet Susannia

How amazing is the gift of art?
I am super humbled over the mailart that I received from Planet Susannia. Maybe it's because I am from the most commercial country in the world and the idea of giving seems to be something of the past. I never expect to get gifts from someone that I don't know. I guess this is the premise of mailart. How awesome is that?

So one day a week ago, I got this really beautiful gift of art from someone across the pond who I probably may never meet. I was truly touched by this sweetness.
Inside a really cool decorated envelope were precious pieces of art, ATC, and a full plate of her special "The Planet of the Collagists 2009" mailart stamp set!

I am honored. What else can I do but reciprocate with an equally interesting package?
Thanks so much, Susanna.

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